Day of Healing


I would like everyone in our parish to mark their calendars for a very special event we will be hosting on Sunday, December 16th at 2:00pm at St. Mary’s.  This will be a solemn and sacred occasion upon which we will have the opportunity to engage in a formal dialogue about what we, as a Catholic parish, can do on the parish level in response to the scandal in the Church at large.  The event will begin as a colloquium of a handful of different speakers from the parish who will offer brief statements on concrete steps they think we can take.  Following the colloquium, we will then engage in a panel discussion with the speakers.  Following the panel discussion, we will conclude with a prayer service for victims of clergy sexual assault.  Dr. Ray Douglas will be one of the main presenters.  This will be well worth our time, and I believe it is our duty to give this kind of event the attention it deserves.  More information on this event will be forthcoming.  Mary Immaculate and Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us!

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