Mass Times

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil Mass

  • 5:00PM @ St. Mary's

Sunday Mass

  • 9:00AM @ St. Joan of Arc
  • 11:00AM @ St. Mary's
  • 9:00PM @ Colgate Memorial Chapel (During Academic Year)

Holy Day Mass Schedule

Vigil Mass (Night Before)

  • 5:30PM @ St. Mary's

Mass During the Day

  • 12:30PM @ Colgate Memorial Chapel (During Academic Year)
  • 5:30PM @ St. Joan of Arc

Weekday Mass Schedule

  • 9:00AM Monday/Wednesday/Thursday @ St. Mary's
  • 9:00AM Tuesday @ St. Joan of Arc


  • 4:15PM to 4:45PM Saturday @ St. Mary's
  • And By Appointment (Call the Parish Office)

Pastoral Care

If you or a loved one are in the hospital or any other medical facility and would like a visit from our priest or deacons, please call the parish office directly.  The hospital cannot share with the parish that you are in the hospital because of HIPAA.  Our priest and deacons would love to visit you, but we depend on your call to notify us.  


Contact the parish office at least 6 months prior to the wedding.   

Click here to register for the Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation courses offered in our Diocese:


Please call the parish office at least one month prior to the baptism.

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