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  • Mass Schedule:
  • St. Mary's Church
    MON, WED, THU 8:00 AM
    SAT 5:00 PM, SUN 11:00 AM
  • St. Joan of Arc Mission
    TUE 8:00 AM
    SUN 9:00 AM

Welcome to St. Mary's & St. Joan of Arc Parishes     

St. Mary’s and St. Joan’s have officially moved to open registration for our upcoming weekend Masses.  We will never exceed more than 40 persons at each Mass.  Please RSVP before Friday of each week.  You can pre-register for our weekend Masses by populating these links:

Pre-registration for St. Joan’s:  Saint Joan's RSVP here 

Pre-registration for St. Mary’s:  Saint Mary's RSVP here

We are also taking walk-ins at all of our 8am daily Masses, Monday through Thursday.  The 8am Wednesday daily Mass will be live-streamed each week for the rest of the summer.  The 11am Sunday morning Mass will continue to be live-streamed for the foreseeable future.


*The mailing address for St. Joan's is 6 Brookside Drive, P.O. Box 1087, Morrisville, NY 13408.  

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